May 8th, 2010

Selling/Buying feedback! ^_^

Hi, to all whom i have bought your items, joined your spree or sold you any of my items. I would really appreciate it if your leave a feedback for me in the following format:

1) Name/Username
2) Buyer/Seller
3) Item
4) Feedback

Thank you for your time! Here's a cookie to brighten up your day! *hands cookie* ^_^

I seldom go on livejournal >.

Hey guys,

I'm seldom on livejournal as I'm a complete noob at it. Seriously!

But fret not, I exist on (Pamy92) if you wanna find me or some of my sales. On Facebook, but it's for my personal life only. The same goes for my tumblr page!

So please forgive me if my page looks like a troll/scam because it's filled with dust and emptiness. I just don't log in here unless i have a need to.

<3 Cheers!